Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Assignment #3
1)  Visit several of the video hosting/streaming sites mentioned above. Share with your readers which sites you found most useful for your content and why.

Of all the video hosting/streaming sites I visited, I liked
YouTube the most.  It had a greater variety of math videos in it than other places.

2)  Using any of the video resources mentioned above, find and select two videos that may be useful resources in your classroom.

 I found a video on solving systems of equations with matrices and TI-84 -- I embedded it into this blog earlier today.  I also created my own video on factoring by grouping and embedded it into this blog earlier.  I was able to do that by watching different videos on movie making and editing.  I am very interested in learning more about movie making, because that is something I feel I can use in my math classrooms.  I hope to make videos of my lessons for when students are absent and try to incorporate some of the flipped classroom strategies I am hearing about.

 3)  Articulate what you learned about copyright and fair use. What was new to you?

I learned that copyright is real and can get you into trouble if you don't make sure it falls into fair use.  Fair use depends on the nature, purpose, amount and effect on the value.  In short if the item has been repurposed or added value it is fair use.

4) Create  a Dropbox account and add some files to it  How could you use this tool in your classroom?

I created a dropbox and saved my Factoring by Grouping in it. I believe I can use dropbox to share handouts with students expecially those students who are constantly absent from class.

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